Peter Hogg

CEO & Behaviour and Safeguarding Lead

Peter Hogg VIP Education Staff Photo

Hi, I'm Peter

I work with VIP as a CEO & Behaviour and Safeguarding Lead

I have had a 35 year career working with children and young people with Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties – including associated Behavioural issues.

Since 1994 I have taken the Lead for Safeguarding, as a member of the Senior Leadership Team, within Educational Settings. I hold a Certificate in ‘Counselling in Educational Settings’ and am a qualified Trainer for Safeguarding and Behaviour.

More recently I have begun to carry out Reg. 44 visits for Children’s Homes.

I am a member of both CAPE and the Association of Child Protection Professionals, so ensuring my own Continued Professional Development.

Away from the pressures of work I am a qualified football referee and enjoy this activity at week-ends.