Education Welfare Services

Keeping children in education leading to improved attainment for pupils.

We know if children are in education, they will have more chance to succeed educationally.

Regular school attendance is an important part of giving your pupils the best possible start in life. If your pupils miss school frequently, they could fall fall behind with their work, not do as well in exams and may struggle socially…

Research suggests that 17 missed school days a year = GCSE grade DROP in achievement. (DfES)

The DfE/Ofsted state that a pupil’s attendance below 95% is poor and that below 90% is classed as ‘persistent absenteeism’. This is because good attendance is vital for the success of your pupil’s and their wellbeing. We will analyse your attendance data with you on a regular basis. This is to ensure that all parents/carers are aware of what stage/percentage the pupil is at in order to improve their attendance.

We will support the necessary legal actions, we follow the LA’s Code of Conduct, to address absence where improvements are not seen and parents/carers do not engage.

Our experienced Education Welfare Officers work alongside your staff and families to remove barriers to attendance.

We offer a responsive and professional education welfare service to support you to ensure that all children and young people are able to maximise their educational opportunities through regular attendance.

The greater the attendance the greater the achievement.

Our Independent Welfare Service are based in the Midlands and surrounding areas, but we are able to offer support across the UK with our bespoke packages.

We offer bespoke packages to suit all your school needs, that will result in an increase of overall attendance

The service to your school can combine a casework approach as well as an attendance consultancy service to support your whole school attendance initiatives.

We support you in Safeguarding your pupils, regularly helping you with plans, safe and well visits and attendance at meetings. To reduce your PA Pupils, we can provide plans for the Education provision, Pupil and Parent.

Our casework provides clear evidence for you to satisfy your many requirements, including, Ofsted inspections or Statuary Reports etc.

In addition, we are always on hand for any legislative and safeguarding concern.

Education Welfare Service

Ofsted - With effect from September 2019, attendance and punctuality is covered under the "Behaviour and Attitudes Judgment".

“Inspectors will evaluate the extent to which pupils have high attendance and are punctual, looking for evidence of a strong focus on attendance and punctuality so that disruption is minimised”

Ofsted are likely to grade a school below ‘good’ if average attendance is below the national average.

Inspectors will observe pupil’s punctuality including the arrival time to school and also to lessons. 

We support your school by analysing your data by groups including PA making you Ofsted ready. We also help you get the relevant information ready for when Ofsted come to your school.

We can also provide you a pre and pro Ofsted plan if needed.

CME and EHE, what are they?

VIP Education can provide advice and support with both CME and EHE enquiries. Simply get in touch with a member of our team for more information.

CME is all pupils who are of compulsory school age and are not on a school roll or not being educated otherwise.

When a pupil is missing from education, schools must notify their local LA. A check see if they have moved can take place at your request by our officers and help with any relevant paperwork.

EHE Elective Home Education is when a parent choses to provide the educational home or in some other way, instead of sending to pupil to school.

We can provide advice and support with any EHE enquiries.

What we do...

We understand that schools have different budgets. That's why our price is always worked out based on your needs. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.