Physical Coaching

Our goal is to improve children’s health & wellbeing through structured active learning.

We offer bespoke provision and services that can be tailored to your schools needs.

Sport can greatly lift the mood children and young people suffering with depression. We can create personal training plans, deliver circuit training and boxing has proved to be very popular, supporting pupils in areas like rules, anger and discipline.

We have found that using Yoga and relaxation skills work well with pupils that are struggling with anxiety. We can offer a combined package working on regulating emotions, but at the same time releasing tension, lifting mood, lifting self-esteem and building confidence.

Physical Coaching

What do we offer?

All of our staff are qualified to be able to teach, coach and referee all the activities we offer. Further staff details and qualifications are shown on our Team Members page

Healthy competition is part of the day to day running, with children being encouraged to not only compete against others, but more importantly compete against themselves. It encourages patience and teaches how to be graceful in defeat. It can help with working as a team, communication, solving problems as well as working towards a common goal.

  • Training 
  • Support & organisations
  • Host events

School breakfast clubs are known to improve attendance, punctuality, concentration, behaviour, and educational attainment. They can also benefit parents by fulfilling a childcare function if they must start work earlier than school begins.

  • Get kids into school early and ready for the day
  • Put on activities and healthy eating classes
  • Aim to increase numbers

Lunch clubs can be a brilliant opportunity for children to play and refresh their minds. We bring children together and promote collaborative play with exciting group activities that everyone can enjoy. We can encourage children to lead their own playtime, involving lots of decision making and problem solving; they can decide which games to play, how the teams will be organised and how to share the games amongst themselves fairly.

  • Increase inclusion for all pupils 
  • Promote health and well-being 
  • Implement change for life
  • Promote and provide training for school / playground leaders 
  • School game training

Our clubs are easy to organise and inspiring for children of all ages.

  • Keep children safe 
  • Positive academic & social outcomes for disadvantaged children in particular
  • Provide something for pupils to look forward to at the end of the day

Sport and events within schools

We understand the importance of bringing activities to sports lessons which encourage children’s eagerness to learn and express themselves through sport. The huge number of skill sets developed through sport which crossover into many different disciplines are all encouraged, including teamwork, strong communication, cooperative play, and leadership skills. We know that all of these skills contribute to building character and boosting self-confidence in all areas of life.

  • EY/ KS1/ KS2/ KS3
  • L3 support/ PPA/ PPA+ /CPD

We can plan and deliver a celebration of sports and activities for your school sports day/fairs. This can be traditional sports and athletics or a rotation or carousel of sports that are varied and inclusive for all children to succeed.

We can provide experienced coaches to offer fun sports that range from standard activities such as football, to more unique activities such as curling or gymnastics. We are not limited to any type of sport and we are able to take requests to adapt to your needs.

  • Assist in planning school sports spending 
  • Buy equipment that school need specifically

We understand that schools have different budgets. That's why our price is always worked out based on your needs. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.