Emotional Coaching

To Keep Pupils engaged in education to enable them to reach their full potential.

What is Emotional Coaching?

Emotional Coaching aims to support children, schools and parents in dealing with mental health issues by providing an early intervention.

When a situation occurs in the home, at school, or any other setting, it can have a negative influence on a child/young person and they may become angry, withdrawn, upset, depressed, anxious, frustrated etc. This may have a knock-on effect on their behaviour, sleep, concentration, appetite, attendance and physical health, amongst other things.

Emotional Coaching works by exploring those emotions; talking it through, using age related strategies to understand and express feelings, sharing coping strategies and self-help advice, working collaboratively with the child, school, family etc in helping the pupil to recognise and regulate their emotions. (Thus, helping to tackle the issues that arise from them). This will all be ‘child specific’. It’s certainly not a ‘one size fits all’ approach!

Initially we will be offering the ‘drop in’ sessions, which we would suggest be at least one per month. However, you can have as many sessions as you feel necessary as we are very much guided by the needs and requirements of the school.

Lots of valuable resources, information, practical exercises, play equipment etc will be brought to each ‘drop in’ so that we can start working with the children immediately.

Feedback will be provided to the school in line with pupil confidentiality and it would be then up to the school how they would like to proceed with the coaching of the individual in question (whether it be that they attend further drop-ins, they wish to add additional sessions or they possibly require a home visit etc).

1 in 10 children suffer from a mental illness, be it diagnosed or undiagnosed.

CAMHS waiting lists can be long or you may find that some young people don't fit the criteria.

What is Physical Coaching?

We can also use Emotional Coaching alongside Physical Coaching as a combined approach. Talking working through emotions and using physical activity complement each other well.

Sport can greatly lift the mood children and young people suffering with depression.

We have found that using Yoga and relaxation skills work well with pupils that are struggling with anxiety.

We can create Personal Training plans, deliver Circuit Training and Boxing has proved to be very popular, supporting pupils in areas like rules, anger and discipline. We can therefore offer a combined package working on regulating emotions, but at the same time releasing tension, lifting mood, lifting self-esteem and building confidence.

We understand that schools have different budgets. That's why our price is always worked out based on your needs. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.