Introducing Flossie – Stop Gap’s 1st Apprentice Therapy Dog

Introducing Flossie

Introducing Flossie, Stop Gap’s Apprentice Therapy Dog!

Meet Flossie, the newest member of the team at VIP Education! Flossie has been undergoing regular training sessions to work on becoming the perfect companion to the young people within our Stop Gap provision!

About Flossie

👉 Flossie loves being around lots of people because it makes them smile and it means she gets a big fuss!

👉 Flossie is a Sprocker Spaniel (a mix between a Cocker Spaniel and a Springer Spaniel) which means she loves an adventure.

👉 Hobbies: eating treats, playing with squeaky toys, getting a fuss, going outside & sleeping.

Training Sessions

Flossie has already em’barked’ on her journey to gaining her doggy-diploma, attending sessions with her owner, Ian, one of our drivers at VIP! Here’s what they’ve been up to so far:

Owner Lessons

The training started with Ian attending an initial lesson without Flossie. This was to learn about the course contents and techniques to start implementing at home.

Basic training

Once Ian had completed the initial session, it was Flossie’s turn! The journey starts with the basics – sitting, looking & rewarding! But these lessons are just the tip of the doggy iceberg.

The Future

Flossie is patiently waiting in the office with lots of toys and a comfy bed until she finishes her training to see all of the young people within the provision. Therapy dogs are trained to be compassionate listeners, offering their furry shoulders for people to lean on. With her boundless love and cheerful personality, Flossie will have a remarkable ability to brighten the darkest days. We can’t wait to see her flourish into a trained healer, stress-buster, and bundle of joy!

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