Miriam Wiltshire

Emotional Coach

Hi, I'm Miriam

I work with VIP as a Emotional Coach

Hi, I’m Mim. I’m an emotional and physical support coach for VIP.
I am currently completing my qualification in personal training with a specialism in mixed martial arts coaching. For 16 years I have specialised in self defense and competed nationwide, including the Tae Kwon Do British Championships, of which I achieved gold for on three occasions. I’m an advocate for courtesy, perseverance and integrity in everything we do. I believe everyone has an area they can thrive in and this is a process that should be supported, committed and worked for.
I’m finally training for my black belt after a 3 year break and will always encourage children and adults to not give up, no matter how long or bumpy the journey may be. I was previously a special constable for Staffordshire police and from there I progressed in to drug and alcohol support in adult and young offender prisons. From this experience I gained a wider perspective for learning and moved into mental health for 5 years, exploring psychology, basic counselling, trauma informed care and teaching self reflection through theory.
I have gone on to adapt this into my own business, which I established during my degree in Fine art training as an artist. In the recent past I have worked in early years settings, care homes, hostels and supported housing. I love working with schools and young people at VIP, it’s a privilege learning from them and sharing knowledge to help achieve progression, find their passion and discover a way of working that matches their needs.